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Yasmin Jukes from Shropshire suffered a traumatic brain injury after fainting and falling down the stairs at her home.




She sustained a traumatic brain injury, multiple bleeds and blood clots to the brain, a fractured skull, severe swelling to the brain and an open fracture on her finger. Her condition was very serious.

This is why Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s Helimed03 helicopter came swiftly to the scene, bringing an advanced critical care paramedic and doctor, lifesaving medicines and equipment to Yasmin.

After assessing and providing advanced medicines to Yasmin, the crew travelled with her in a land ambulance to Royal Stoke University Hospital to monitor and provide further advanced care on the journey.

On arrival at Stoke Hospital, she was put into an induced coma, was on a ventilator for a week and had an intercranial pressure bolt inserted and a craniectomy. She spent almost two weeks in intensive care and a further four weeks on a neurology ward.

Yasmin said: “When I was told about the care and treatment I received, I realised how important the air ambulance response was. They play a vital role in stabilising patients and getting them to hospital within good time.”

“On my 18th birthday, I set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook hoping to raise a few hundred pounds for the hospital. I was completely blown away when I hit £5,000 plus gift aid.”

She was due to return to hospital for a cranioplasty in Spring 2020, however it was delayed due to COVID-19 and instead this was fitted in October 2020.

Her mother, Caroline, who took a year off work to look after Yasmin says: “Without the first-class treatment and care Yasmin received, things could have been a lot different as the crew were able to stabilise her enough for the journey in what they call the golden hour.”

Yasmin’s parents and grandparents are longstanding supporters of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and have been making monthly donations for several years. Before the accident, Yasmin was in the final year of Sixth Form, due to take A-Level exams and worked a Saturday job in her local sports shop.

She now plans to start university later this year to study biology.

Yasmin concludes: “I have made a remarkable recovery considering the injuries I sustained. So far, a year post-accident, there is nothing I have noticed I have difficulty with or cannot do. “When lockdown restrictions ease, I am going to raise money for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity to thank them by doing a fitness challenge with my family members. “I will always be incredibly grateful for the lifesaving care I received.”


I will always be incredibly grateful for the lifesaving care I received.


Thankfully, Yasmin is here to tell her story, but it could have been so different.


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