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On the 8th September 2013, Alastair Timmis was treated by Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s advanced critical care team after he sustained an injury playing football at Rock Sports Football Club in Bewdley, Wyre Forest.


He jumped for a header and was knocked unconscious and then landed awkwardly on his ankle in the process which sent it in the wrong direction. He sustained a double fracture and dislocation of his right ankle.

Due to the lack of blood flow and time it would take for a land ambulance to get to hospital, the expert clinical aircrew from the Strensham airbase were dispatched to the incident via air ambulance helicopter.

After assessing and treating Alastair on scene, he was airlifted to Worcestershire Royal Hospital where he stayed for six days.

He required stiches to his chin and for his ankle to be moved back into its original place. He then had an operation to put a metal plate into his ankle once the swelling had gone down.


“I was already aware of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity before my accident and had donated to them for an event which was taking place the day of my accident,” said Alastair.

“Sadly, my ankle has never fixed fully. Everyday life is okay, but I’m no longer able to run or play sports.”

Alastair concludes: “It’s a great charity which I am forever in debt to. I have done a few events to try and raise money for them since my accident. I was told that it was about £2,500 in cost every time the helicopter takes off, so my aim was to raise enough money to pay for my ride which we managed to do.”


It’s a great charity which I am forever in debt to.

Thankfully, Alastair is here to tell his story, but it could have been so different.


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